Welcome to the Lab

In the recent past, a "Geek" was an outcast from society, someone with a unique hobby, or special interest, disconnected from the mainstream.  Now, we're all Geeks in our own fields, pursuing our dreams and passions.  And society's tool set is expanding at an ever-increasing rate.  The lead time between idea and execution has never been shorter.  Anyone on the planet can summon an army of resources to put their ideas into motion immediately with the power of the cloud.  

The cloud isn't just the internet, it's the internet on steroids.  

We're Just Getting Started

The project is on it's first legs, that's for sure.  But open protocols and standards were not created for just the largest of organizations.  Even small business and individuals can take advantage today of the same tools available to enterprises, high performance computing and science and research firms across the globe.

Why We're Here

Open standards were meant for everyone.  Many enterprise resources are out of reach from the average person, but they don't need to be.  Enabling those resources for the everyday business is essential.  We take an affordable enterprise approach to online virtual resources.  Keeping the cloud closed and in the hands of a few only spells trouble for the future.  Businesses and users alike can hedge against "cloud silos" where all of the data and computing power is kept in one spot, under one roof.  

Distributed diversity is the key to security.  An open, hybrid cloud for your business needs.  There is no special sauce, there is no closed product or secret recipe.  

Every good project needs to begin somewhere.  So right now we're focused on the basic essentials of online activity, VPS brokering, Domain registration and SSL certificates.


Find out more on our Google+ page, or directly at https://vps.geexology.com .